May 2005 -


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How many of us have typed and stored data onto our MS windows, and forgotten all about it, until we are forced retrieve it but unable to find it. Well I guess many of us have gone through this situation, and MS ‘find’ software was able to track it down to us. But there were instances also when the word did not match the file and the software was unable to track it out. One might have felt frustrated, as we know that the file is somewhere in there, but are unable to track it down. Like a needle in a haystack, the search could have been time consuming and without result. I guess the guys at Microsoft had thought about this, or they must themselves have been pushed into similar situation. That is the reason they have come up with more advanced ‘find’ software, which tries to find the file with the help of date, authors name or document name. Wired news has it that others like America Online and Google are making a beeline for such software and are already in the process of finding one. Well kudos to all those people in Microsoft who are making it all the more easier for ‘absent minded entrepreneurs’ like us.

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