April 2005 -

Small wonder

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How many of us, have seen ‘Small Wonder’ and wished we could have someone at home like VICI, well that seems possible now. According to an article in wired magazine, a small child like robot is invented, the work that it does are amazing, like keeping a watch over the house while one is away. The product named wakamuru, looks like part human and can keep memory of about ten faces, give alarm, scan the situation at house in case of burglary or sickness. Weighing about 66 pounds and with a height of about 3.3 feet and is available to the lucky Tokyo residents at $14,300. Mitsubishi heavy will start rolling out (sorry walking out

) this product from Sept 16. Sigh! I wish my dad could have made me Vici

Flexible copyrights.

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In this era, when a huge hue and cry is being made about the Copyright laws. BBC has chosen to be different and has thrown open some of its footage for creative media. This footage, of one of the largest media of United Kingdom has given ample opportunity for audiences to use them in their own creative methods. Though there are certain sectors, which are not available for the audiences. Well we need to wait and watch the creative outcome of these footages.

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