October 2004 -

Microsoft plans to invest in India.

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Microsoft is extending its financial arm to India. It has expressed its interest to fund the new tech start up companies in India, with other venture Capitalists. Microsoft decision to invest in India, comes in the wake of many technical giants like that of Cisco and Intel financing companies in India, Cisco has a Venture Capital firm in India, financing and helping many tech. Companies of the nation. Microsoft plans to extend its services beyond finance in the area of marketing and other decisions to the tech start up firm. India and other up coming tech. Savvy countries like that of China and Mexico has become the main target of companies like that of Microsoft and Intel. India is expected to receive many high profile executives from Microsoft to India. Mr.

Venkatesan of Microsoft, India, has known to visit Steve Ballmer and provide him strategies to increase Microsoft presence in India. So all those wishing to start their own software ventures, it is up to you to attract the attention of these software giants and make best use of their experience and expertise.

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