July 2004 -


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According to an article in the “wired” magazine. A bloggers convention, which was held, had many bloggers participating and analysing the use of blog site. According to some, blogs is used to liven things up from the mundane happenings. It cannot be separated totally from other news sites but yet with the own wordings of the author it can be made interesting. Well according to me blogs and blog sites are used to filter and to give news, which are interesting and would be used to know about various news that would affect the present scenario. Well it might not exactly give in news, which are not already in the news sites. Blog sites can be distributed into various subjects and the certain blog sites might pertain to certain subjects. This way there is definite categorisation and people surfing to find news of relevance can always refer to these blog sites and get news, which look lively and different.

One more use is of blog sites is that the blogger can surf from various news sites and help in providing various news under one site, this helps to bring about expertise of various journalists (with proper reference of course!) under one site, and the conclusion that the blogger derives from the various news. But bloggers must bear in mind the moral responsibility that he or she undertakes by giving news on a site, and try to avoid articles, which could hurt sentiments or views and try to make the site as informative as possible.

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