April 2004 -

Scirus: The new scientific search engine.

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If you are scientists, or making any scientific research, do not opt for Google; as Google might give in answers, which may not be actually relevant to scientific research. According to the wired magazine, there is a scientific search engine, which can give out search results pertaining to scientific topics. Scirus as this search engine is called makes a search of about 167 million scientific web pages to churn out results. Scirus scans through corporate website, medical journals, unpublished medical articles, conference, publicised mails etc to give out the result. Scirus has been rated as the number one ‘speciality search engine ‘by the search engine watch in 2001. Though not as popular as Google, Scirus is definitely making its way into the foray of the most popular engines. It would not be surprising if Scirus is voted better than other scientific research journals, like pub med etc.

It is thus a great boon to the scientific community, who do not have to spend most of their time searching for resources, and instead can concentrate on the research itself. Thus there is a need for speciality search engines, which can exclusively, cater to the specific subjects.

Source: Apr 08, 2004: www. Wired.com

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