December 2003 -

Micro payments

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Some people want to restart the dot com boom, yes some think that this is possible, with the wonderful medium called Internet. Just think when there are hundreds of things that people can do with Internet, charging for them is part of the deal. Anybody can charge for their content to products that they would be selling online. But the main idea is to charge small amounts, some thing which many people wouldn’t mind paying. This might turn in to big revolution; yes just imagine the earnings by pooling in these websites. Well small drops make a ocean, if an initiative can be taken then pooling of such websites is possible and so can the earnings. Problem is that most of the products can be sold for less than $1 but which credit card company (as most of the payments are made through credit cards online) would agree to service such a procedure. Well one can say that the act has already started, with online newspaper companies, charging for subscription. Internet can thus be very well a medium for earning.

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