March 2003 -

The Clash of the Titans

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The war between Open source and Microsoft is becoming larger and larger with the expansion of IT industries all over the world. While Microsoft has an unbeatable presence in the US and in markets of Home PC and Desktops. But there has been increasing instance of various countries and their Governments to switch over from Microsoft to open source. What is the reason for the switchover? How is Open source better than Microsoft and vice versa? Let us analyse all these with the help of some press reports.According to Matt Berger of Info, one major advantage of Open source, the operating system of Linux is that the programmers of Linux enable modification to source code and make it available freely over the Internet, but other commercial software companies design their source code such that only their programmers can modify them.Second advantage is that Open source is cost effective when compared to Microsoft, this is proved when Norway Government is looking at open source to cut costs and feel that contracts with Microsoft are becoming increasingly costly. One more country who want to replace the existing OS in their Government office is Taiwan, the major reason being the monopolistic presence of Microsoft which is proving to be costly every year.

Another major advantage is that Open source provides more security than MS. The country that agrees with this and has gone ahead and implemented Open source is Germany. It was in Berlin that a deal was struck between IBM and the Government and the software that was agreed upon was Linux, as officials believed that it provided more security than the others, and was less susceptible to attacks.

But with their huge presence in Desktop and home PC’s, in USA. Let us wait and watch as to the suitability of Open Source in this area. Also Microsoft has to prepare its own set of defence mechanism to overcome the various advantages that open source offers and work towards stabilising its position.


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