July 2002 -

Exports increase in software sector

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The Electronic and computer software export council said in a statement that India’

S export of software products has been expected to grow to about 30% in dollar terms. The exports of software are expected to grow around 32-35% by 2003-04. Whereas in 2000-01, the export rose only about 28%. The hardware export is expected to grow only by 15-20% by 2003-04. Unlike software, hardware is not poised in a big way. With the software boom showing up in India, it is great news for the software industry as a whole, with the advent of many software companies who specialise in various types of projects, there is expectancy of increased growth in this sector. Well this may be the beginning of many good things. Let us keep our fingers crossed!

Source: www.economictimes.indiatimes.com

Nvidia to grow and do away with CPU

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Jen-Hsun Huang CEO of Nvidia has come up a long way. Most of his childhood was a learning experience, and perhaps it was because of his childhood that Jen-Hsun Huang was able to build such a strong company like Nvidia. Nvidia as you all know produces what is called as the Graphic Processing Units. Nvidia is known all over the world for producing GPU’s, which has made multimedia and gaming easier. All the growth that Nvidia has achieved to so far has been because of the innovative transmitters being added to the it its specialised chip. Now the growth itself was possible because of Intel. Let me explain more clearly, when an operation like Excel or PowerPoint is being used, the CPU is used to translate the software instructions and to decipher data intensive calculations. When on the other hand some multimedia is used, the work is left to another processor, which is specialised in handling such tasks. The manufacturer of the processor (specialised processor) keeps adding transistors to the processor until it has been specialised and used as a chip within a semiconductor or a central processing unit. Well this is how the GPU’s work and this is the reason behind the working of multimedia, games etc. Now Nvidia is planning to team up with AMD (rival of Intel) in the manufacturing of Nforce, an integrated chipset designed to handle complex multimedia. When a powerful tool like the GPU is available, there is less need of the CPU, because multimedia is where the world is heading right now. Anyways GPU’s make multimedia and 3D games so lively and colourful. One fine example of how CPU’S can give way to powerful multimedia chipsets is Microsoft’s XBOX, this is the basis on which future computers might be built. Let us wait and see what Intel has to offer in return. Well till then good luck to Nvidia on its new venture!


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