June 2002 -

Multimedia and its Impact

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Multimedia can be defined as a process of presenting texts, visuals, graphics, animations (or drawings) either as a package or separately through a computer. For example are the animation industry, which uses graphics, sound, and animations and sometimes text in such a manner that the outcome is a documentary or a film by itself. The importance of Multimedia grew from the 90’s, when using of computer and hardware associated with it were less expensive compare to the period prior to the 90’s.

How does Multimedia Help?

There are lot of opportunities to use Multimedia in a business. It can be used to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company. It can be used to advertise the products. The videos that we see on the computer using graphics and sounds are nothing but using Multimedia to market a product in an interesting and effective way. During the 90’s there was mushrooming of lot of Multimedia learning centres. Many Corporate had sent their executives for training and to get the hands on experience in Multimedia functions and its applications, the results are all over and ever prevalent.

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