May 2002 -

Hyderabad scores over Bangalore

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Hyderabad has beat Bangalore, by ranking more than Bangalore in the area of “IT enabled service sector”. Hyderabad aptly dubbed as Cyberabad has achieved the second position after Noida in he area of “most preferable place”. During the year 2001-02 the growth recorded by Hyderabad is around 323%. Speaking in a meeting on “Appraisal of Performance Indicator” for 2001-02, Hyderabad has been ranked fifth among other metros under various other categories. Such a dramatic increase in the Hyderabad growth sector has been bought about due to the various development activities undertaken by the Government of Hyderabad, and by luring investors with various promotional services undertaken by the State Government.

Kudos to the Chief Minister of Hyderabad, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu and his team to have bought about such a sweeping improvement in its IT sector. Other states need to learn from Hyderabad, and bring about similar changes, especially in the infrastructure side.

Source: May 22, 2002

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